Hello World!

Hi, I’m Gideon Stevens, the Director of BookoftheDay.org. A lot of people help with this site, but I am ultimately responsible for what you see. So, yes – this is my circus, and those are my monkeys. If someone or something is misbehaving, please let me know. (gideon@bookoftheday.org)

We’re starting this blog for three reasons: 1) to discuss our favorite subject: book advertising; 2) to keep you better informed about our plans and projects; and 3) to find out more about you, so that we might improve your experience.

We’re planning to post on Thursdays, but there may be a few extras for the first week or two. Sign up for a Backstage Pass and we’ll send you an email – and we’ll add your name to the list for occasional freebies.

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4 thoughts on “Hello World!”

  1. I’d like to be able to leave reviews about books that I like. For instance, I just read Mrs. Fletcher that I found from your site. I’d like others to know what a good book it is. Thank you!

    1. Apart from the technical effort, there’s a possible ethical conflict. A regular customer wants a bad review removed, for example.

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