New Collection – Call for Entries – Closed Door Romance

We had a conversation recently with an author who writes “clean romances.” She pointed out that such books are becoming a rarity in today’s tell-all society.

She’s right – we’re a long way from Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Explicit descriptions of intimate activities are so common they no longer carry trigger warnings unless they are really over the top.

But there are some readers who would prefer less sexuality and more romance. They’re not naive, they just don’t want to hear all the drippy details. Close the door, please.

Hmmm. Okay. We have a plan. A new collection, working title: “Just a Kiss.” If you have a romance, and a kiss is the extent of your intimate descriptions, we want to add your book. Trouble is, we have hundreds of romances – how do we find you?

This is brand new, and we have nothing set up yet, so we’ll have to do this old-school. Send us a quick email with the link to your page on and we’ll add your book to “Just a Kiss.”  No cost or charge:

That also applies to our other collections: Dog on Cover, etc.



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